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Dugin about Brexit: victory of the Russian project and another step in the war against the West

(Alexander Dugin on Western liberalism.)

For one of the most influential Kremlin´s ideologists and leader of the Eurasian Movement, Alexander Dugin, the United Kingdom output of the European Union occured because the US began to reject the bloc, and the British, the main American ally in the region, chose to follow it´s way. Brexit was only possible because the so-called "global elite" would have allow it to happen. These ideas were presented in an interview with Katehon, Russian think thank dedicated to global geopolitics studies based on the Eurasian though.

To better understand the paragraph above, we need to keep in mind two things: 1) for Dugin there is no separation between politics and civilization. The political order of a people necessarily corresponds to their cultural characteristics (this relationship is traditional in Eurasian thought and it´s very detailed in the Marlene Laruèlle´s book Russian Eurasianism. And Ideology of Empire). 2) He identifies globalism as the Western financial elite. It´s foundations are the US, in his view the essence of own globalist movement (his positions are detailed in the book Os EUA e a Nova Ordem Mundial. Um debate entre Alexandre Dugin e Olavo de Carvalho - The US and the New World Order. A debate between Alexander Dugin and Olavo de Carvalho, it would be the name in English). The expansion of the American dominance over Europe and the world would be an artificiality susteined only by the opressive power of the globalist elite.

(Laruèlle´s book and the debate with Olavo de Carvalho: reveiling of the Dugin´s though  and the Eurasian Movement´s pretensions.)

For these reasons Dugin considers Brexit an extremely important event with impacts in the civilizational order and global geopolitics. In his words: 

"The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is an event of colossal importance. The whole architecture of the world is changing, because it is not just one of the European countries, it is one of the poles of European civilization. And if England says that it is out of Europe, out of the EU, that means that the EU’s value changes. The most important thing is that no one will allow a Europe without Britain. We can say that it is the end of the civilizational space."

For him the world would be watching the "end of Europe" as described by Oswald Spengler and Slavophilies (intellectuals of Slavoplhilism, ideological trend related to Eurasianism), and that the European Union was "falling into the abyss because of it´s ultra-liberal ideology", unsustentable in the long run.

The Dugin´s analysis isn´t a mere analysis. As Kremlin´s ideologist and one of the most influential intellectuals in Russia, he considers Brexit sinal of the decadence of an Europe that will give place to Eurasia. The thinker bet on nacionalist and fascist movements (although denies this classification) as hope to dissolve the bloc and bring out "truth" Europe. Who would benefit from this globally is Russia.

(Meeting of Head of States of member countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, in Zhengzhou, China, in December 2015.)

During interview, when the interviwer commented that people still blame Russia for everything that gives wrong in the world, Dugin said:

"It is quite a surprise, but they are right, and at the same time as Brexit, Tashkent is creating an alternative center of a multipolar civilization - the SCO. This is more than half of the world - it is the vast majority of the population and is a nuclear power. India and Pakistan joined the SCO, and Iran partially agreed to join it. What is happening today: Brexit and the SCO, which is becoming an important force, are shifts in the center of civilizations, the center of the world order is completely in the other half of the world. This is a transition from the West to the Eurasian world. It is, in fact, our celebration. The founders of Eurasianism said: “The West and the Rest”. Brexit is the collapse of the West and it is a victory for humanity, which is opposed to the West and seeks to go its own way. And the flagship of mankind is the SCO, Russia, the current sovereign free multipolar Russia led by Putin, and those who are in the Eurasian Club."

This passage is of utmost importance. As already stated his intention is to act on the policy behind the scenes in order to influence it, Dugin admits his role as conscious agent of the global geopolitical changes. He also shows the political alternative to globalism of the West represented by US and the European Union: the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It would be, in his view, an appropriating organization to multipolar world, that is, multicivilizational, unifying multi-core power in opposition to the homogenizing globalist project. The SCO´s main basis of cooperation are security and economic issues, and it´s major members are Russia and China. It´s characteristic of Eurasian thought give to Russia a messianic role, therefore it would be up to it the responsability of leading the organization.   

It´s possible see that Dugin´s analysis isn´t intended to unterstand the world, but to transform it according to the Kremelin´s pourposes. Dugin is an ideologist, a formulator of a "multipolar" world lead by Russia, which was destinated, for it´s unique characteristics (this is very stressed by Eurasians), to "liberate" people from the Western globalism yoke.

(Dugin with a rifle in hand in front of a South Ossetia´s war tank: members of the Eurasian Movement acted in Georgia War battles, in 2008. In the debate Olavo de Carvalho used this picture to illustrate that Dugin wasn´t a mere intellectual, but an Eurasian project agent.) 

Dugin´s ideologized worldview is evident in the debate he had with the Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho. The russian couldn´t understand why Olavo was both a conservative, a critic of the Western globalism and also a critic of the Eurasian project. Dugin saw in his opponent a lover of the tradition, a "'paleoconservative' side of the modern West" for long time politically defeated. But it was incomprehensible for him how someone with this thought was against to the "liberating"  plan of Eurasianists. Dugin "accused" Olavo de Carvalho to be the globalist side and "pretending to choose neither". 

There would be no neutrality in this struggle. This reasoning is typical of the ideological thought. The Russian say: 

"Our struggle is in some sense universal as universal is the globalist challenge. We have different traditions but defending them we confront the common enemy of any tradition. So we will explore where lie our respective zones of influence in the multipolar world only after our common victory over the Beast, american-atlantist-liberal-globalist-capitalist-Post-Modern Beast. [sic]"

And he adds:

"The West is in agony. We need to save the world from this agony and may be to save the West from itself. The Modern (and Post-Modern) West must die [emphasys added]. And if there were the real traditional values in its foundations (and they certainly were) we will save them only in the process of the global destruction of the Modernity/Hypermodernity." 

For Alexander Dugin Brexit is a step towards the destruction of globalism, of the American "Beast" and modernity in the name of the "liberation" and the peoples´ tradition around the world. The Eurasian project, lead by Shanghai Cooperation Organization, would be the alternative against the "oppression" of the West. For Dugin there is no chocie. Or you are the oppressor side, or liberating. In the ideological thought there is no middle ground or independence. Dugin has chosen his side, and for this reason he is actively working in the Kremlin to defeat the West.

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